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Here Are Questions Committed Traders Like You Had Before Making The Decision To Join POW

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Here Are Questions Committed Traders Like You Had Before Making The Decision To Join AMM

I'm only a beginner; can this help me?

Absolutely, you're not the perfect person. You've not got the bad habits or the shit expectations. You simply need to be able to follow the videos provided to get this setup.  

What is the critiria to qualify for the Auto Market Masters guarantee?

• Traders must complete 100% of the pyhchology program.

• Traders must watch 80% of the weekly zoom calls.

• Traders must complete 80% of their daily trade journel (To track their progress)

• Traders must throughout the twelve (12) month period, check in with a Market Masters coach/mentor at both six and nine month stage.

• During these check-ins, the Market Masters coach/mentor will review the trader's strategy progress.

To date; The Trader must at this time:

I. Raise a support ticket and schedule a check-in with a Market Masters coach/mentor.

II. Share logins to the demos they've passed or failed.

III. Work with the Market Masters coach/mentor to formulate an agreed set of action items for implementation.

IV. Submit their trade journel.

• Traders must raise a support ticket if at any stage they require assistence pertaining to technical issues with the Auto Market Masters EA.

• Traders must schedule a check-in with the Market Masters team upon conclusion of the 12 month PE

Is this MT4 or MT5?

This is to be run on MT4. If you use MT5 only your broker will allow you to set up an MT4 account to use this. Otherwise too, you can run via a copier. 

How do I claim my guarantee?

By purchasing an annual subscription and following the success blueprint laid out in our terms and conditions.

What is the win rate with the strategy?

Win rate means nothing in isolation. A trader with a 10% 'win rate' can make more money than a trader with a 90% win rate. Quoting a 94% win rate means f**k all unless you understand the value of the average winner and average loser.

Trading isn't about how many trades you win. It's about how much you make when you are right vs. how much you lose when you are wrong. However, the Auto Market Masters EA will have a high win rate and trade sequences will not close in an overall loss. However, this isn't without risk of course - so managing that open drawdown without SL feature is key.

How much can I make per month?

The people who give you an average % return per month are talking nonsense.

This is an impossible question I am afraid…

What pairs/how many?

What settings?

What specific risk are you comfortable with? Etc.

What happens after I invest?

You will receive a receipt via email and you'll be directed to our Discord/Telegram Server. Just raise a ticket in our Ticket channel and we'll be on hand to help you get members access. We will then provide you with access to the EA portal, to download the EA and manage your account numbers too.

Does this hedge?

Yes, it does by design. We know that some prop funds don't allow this. However, good news. By using the RSI Feature - you can still set a specific Long or Short direction per pair too. Result.

Will you help with pairs and settings?

Yes, we will be sharing all the results of our tests and share the 'best presets' for different account sizes and goals.

What support is there for me after purchasing or am I left to it?

Lots! We are always visible in the chats throughout the day and you can just drop us a DM. We have a support ticket system too where one of us will respond promptly to your question. We are accessible every day and focused on providing you a service you can rely on when you have a question. The community is also full of like minded individuals happy to help.

What do I need to get started?

To run an EA, you'll need access to a Computer and a VPS.

A VPS is a 'Virtual Private Server' - this simply means you're using a computer that will run 24/7 for the EA to work interrupted. These cost around $10 a month to use.

Can I set up from my phone?

Yes you can. Its a bit difficult but with a VPS and a remote desktop app on your phone. We explain in the training how to do this. Once set up you can watch and manage trades from your phone as normal.

Can I have a trial please?

We don't offer trials because testing a trading strategy/system for a week to make a decision isn't smart. It encourages a gung-ho attitude, which generally ends in failure.

I've tried similar (or seen similar ads) before and it didn't work, why is this going to work? There are loads of EA's on the market, we get that. But, most profitability they advertise. This is due to numerous factors at play, the server they back tested on, their approach to optimising, the back testing data use, etc. We've invested in 3rd Party programmes to help us with this using a Walk Forward Process to ensure we have a robust process to this. Don't forget we also have the data on Funded Challenge success rates, to enable YOU to take confidence in the press rate probability we have. This is the first we've seen with this feature and detail.

Do I get any upgraded versions?

Absolutely, any future upgrades and improvements. You will get without any extra cash changing hands. Can't be fairer than that right?

How long does it take to get set up and started?

Less than the time it takes to make a coffee. By the time you've completed the check out and had a nose in the Discord/Telegram Server you'll have access to the strategy in your Trading View Invite Section.

Is this a martingale strategy?

These have a bad press, but the reason is - people forget all about managing their risk. A martingale strategy can work perfectly fine, it simply means the lot sizes will increase whilst a position is in drawdown. This however, requires respect and discipline to manage your equity with a SL which can be done. The martingale feature can also be turned off - by changing the Lot Exponent to 1.0.m.

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